Sunday, November 7, 2010

Old Cebu Railyway

Most people may have probably forgotten that there was a Cebu Railway.

The Cebu Heritage website recounts
Unknown to the newer generation, Cebu used to have a railway system that stretched from as far as Argao down south all the way to Danao up north. The central station and the depot were located in Cebu City somewhere at the area now occupied by the Cebu South Bus Terminal and the CITOM-LTO compound. The railway system ceased to function after World War II. (Author Emperor Karl)

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The website says that  two congressmen filed House Bill 310 and House Bill 432 in 2009 proposing the construction of a Light Rail Transit (similar to the one that runs in Metro Manila).  I just wonder if the bills filed by Congressman Eduardo R. Gullas and Congressman Raul V. Del Mar were refiled.

Friends in Cebu that the construction of an LRT in Cebu might help with the growing traffic problems they have there.

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  1. Thanks for the credit (im Matt from TropicalPenpals). There is actually a purposed new bus system being introduced to Cebu although my main concern right now is the number of buildings going up with little infrastructure being added. SRP is looking to be a new city, Mango Avenue has a launch of a 55 storey Condo development starting April 2nd and a big push on Condo development all over the city and Mactan. Just one question where is all the money coming from for the residents? Its ok to be an OFW but most would likely stay with family when here and long-term condo living electric etc. is expensive so where is this new business community going to come from to support all these mass projects appearing everywhere?


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