Friday, September 9, 2011

Old Bull Fighting Ring near Manila City Hall

(Source: Charlie Gaw of Sabroso Lechon)

Charlie Gaw of Sabroso Lechon sent me this picture of an old bull fighting ring in Manila. In the background, I think, is either the Manila City Hall Clock Tower or one of the school towers in Intramuros.

Manila was definitely more European in those days.

John en Marsha

Old "John en Marsha" theme.

John En Marsha (English: John and Marsha) was the longest-running and most watched prime time comedy sitcom in the Philippines during the 1980s that aired on RPN (Solar TV). It starred Dolphy with the late Nida Blanca, Dely Atay-Atayan and Maricel Soriano.

Certified Lumang Tao Newscast: RPN9 Newswatch

RPN 9 has a special place in Philippine Broadcasting history and that history is shared by RPN9 Newswatch -- which is probably the longest running English Newscast in the Philippines on free-to-air TV.

Newswatch still airs at 5:00 PM everyday on what is now ETC.

Being a sequestered TV station, RPN9 along with IBC13 was confiscated from the Benedictos.  During the Arroyo Administration, Solar TV managed to get become part owner of RPN9 through a curious process which somewhat fails to answer a few crucial issues:

-- From whom did Solar buy the shares or equity from?
-- What due diligence was performed to ascertain the right valuation of shares for the station?  How was this translated into equity?

Since RPN9 is a sequestered asset, shouldn't it have been bidded out rather than just GIVEN to Solar TV?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Philippine National Railways during its Glory Days

Flower Clock in Rizal Park 1960s

Flower Clock at the Rizal Park, 1960s. (From Paulo Alcazaren on Facebook.)

Balintawak Beer Company in Manila

Balintawak Beer Brewery 1940s, Post World War II. (From Paulo Alcazaren on Facebook)

Aurora Arcade in the 1960s with Mamonluk

Aurora Arcade with Mamonluk. (Paulo Alcazaren from Facebook)

Paulo's note:

 You can see the Mamonluk Restaurant ...years later Hong Ning competed with it for cheap Chinese fare (most famous of which was their Jumbo Pao --- so fresh that when you bit into it would go "Meooow!). My mom bought us school supplies from the famous Vasquez Brothers store somewhere there.

Flooded Escolta, Manila (1960s)

Flooded Manila, 1950s

Flooded Manila circa 1950s or 1960s. (From Paulo Alcazaren on Facebook.)

Rizal Memorial Stadium 1960s

Rizal Memorial Stadium. (From Paulo Alcazaren on Facebook)

Aerial View of Rizal Park in its Prime (1960s)

Rizal Park in its prime. (From Paulo Alcazaren on Facebook)

Rizal Park Monument with Nakpil's Steel and Aluminum Extension

Rizal Monument with Aluminum Extension Tower. (From Paulo Alcazaren on Facebook)
Paulo Alcazaren notes:

Fifty years ago, on the eve of Rizals 100th birth anniversary, some people figured that the good doctor's monument needed an update. Juan Nakpil designed a steel and aluminum 'extension' to the original 1913 landmark to give it additional height ...not that Rizal was vertically challenged, but because a brand new theater was supposed to rise behind the monument. The theater was never built and the extension was removed after much public oppobrium. The theater design eventually was resurrected by Nakpil and built in Makati - the much missed Rizal Theate

Children's Playground at Rizal Park in the 1960s.

Children's Playground at Rizal Park in the 1960s.

Rizal Park Fountain with Manila Hilton in the Background

Rizal Park Fountain with Manila Hilton in the Background

Luneta, Manila in the 1960'sLunet

Luneta in the 1960s. (Source Paulo Alcazaren on Facebook)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quezon Avenue circa 1960's

Quezon Avenue in the 1960's with the mahogany trees just recently planted.
Source: Paulo Alcazaren on Facebook.

Quezon Memorial Development Plan

Perspective View of the Quezon Memorial Project.
Source: Paulo Alcazaren on Facebook.